sexta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2009

Ta Prohm

This was the temple that I liked most in Angkor, it's difficult not to like. It's amazing how the trees hug the ruins that remain.

Some directors have used these scenarios to give life to some movies. Tomb Raider is the best known.

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  1. Com este post é que me deste a machadada final! Se a inveja matasse, eu já era! :-)))
    Fantásticas fotos, Tiago!

  2. As fotos estão lindas. Parabéns pelo sonho realizado.

  3. Great serirs, the trees are amazing!

  4. the tree over the top of the temple is an amazing photo. hard to believe. your photos of this temple are excellent. I am planning a trip there within the next two years. I am glad you are enjoying the Colorado River photos on my site. Next I am showing plant life, condors, red rock and sand dunes. You would really enjoy rafting down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

  5. I thought some of this looked familiar, but didn't connect it until you mentioned Tomb Raider...

    A fascinating glimpse of another unworldly world...So many unusual and rare sights to ponder and reflect on...

    Thanks, JM!

  6. Ah, Tiago...I think I goofed and wrote down the wrong name...mea culpa. I'm very tired sorry.