quarta-feira, 10 de junho de 2009

Golden Blog Award

For my surprise, today i checked my blog and noticed that had been awarded by Bharat Khatri Unseen Rajasthan. Thanks Bharat!!!

Now, i have to follow this rules:

- Show the Award in the blog.
- Link back to the blog that tagged you
- Pass the Award on to 8 blogs you love
- Inform the owners they have been tagged
- Make rules visible.

And i want to give this award to those blogs that I really enjoy:

Oeiras and environs daily photo
Mi vida es una fiesta
Florida Fotos
Cedar Key Daily Photo
Nowy Sacz Daily Photo

6 comentários:

  1. :| Que surpresa! Eu a contar com mais fotos de viagens para ficar verde de inveja e levo com um prémio... Muito obrigada, Tiago. Beijinhos

  2. Thank you, Tiago, for the honor you have bestowed upon Florida Fotos and Cedar Key DP! It is greatly appreciated.

    I think, however, this award business has gotten a bit out of hand...so I'll not be handing them on...I hope you understand.

    For another take on an award, you might check Ocala Daily Photo later today...I'm going to try something a little different...

    Best wishes, and thanks again. What is most meaningful is that you think these two blogs worthy of such recognition!

    Have a great day!

  3. Jacob, I understand. Althought your two blogs are really amazing and deserve such an award.

    The other ones i even not explored enough to make an appreciation, but i'am sure that they are also very interesting.

  4. Tiago,
    Muito obrigado por estes 'awards'!
    No blogue de Oeiras já 'lá canta'! :-) No travelling, será publicado no próximo post.
    Mais uma vez, muito obrigado e parabéns!

  5. Thanks you Tiago and congratulations. We'll put the award at our blog in the nearest future:) Promise!